Online Custom Printing

7 Jul

In this article I have tried to explain the industry named online custom printing. About every person is familiar with terms printing and custom printing.
There is a lot of material on printing and printing method which has been posted on this blog till now.
This material explains the printing process in sufficient details like use of printers ink, typing, composing, etc.

Printing these days has become a wide industry round the glob and best of all is the ease provided by allowing people to print their product online.
Online printing and online printers are becoming more popular with the passage of time.
Professionals allow many free services like samples, designs and expert suggestions to help customers reach to their desired object. These printers can print any type of materiel from cards to T-shirts and gift packes to boxes.

Custom printed boxes is another closely related topic of this blog containing a lot of information like in the form of text, videos and images.
These boxes work like backbone in promotion of any type of business. These boxes perform double duty, act as marketing resource while providing safety to goods.
There are other printing products like custom folders. Custom folders come in many forms like Standard Custom Folders,  Legal Size Custom Folders, Post Card size custom Folders, etc.

These custom printed folders are very helpful in business promotion and advertising. As custom folders have a lot of use in daily life so a business find it useful to have their own custom printed folders with business logo, information and message.


Images: Custom Box Printing

6 Jul

Foloowing images are selected from the collection of box pictures which we have made as samples for boxes. You can too design a box sample free from our designer. Our motto is to Serve customers in a best known way.
Enjoy the following pictures.

Custom Box Printing

Custom Box PrintingCustom Box Printing

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Video: Custom Box Printing

6 Jul

Here is another video posted on the topic of custom box printing. This video sheds light on different parts of printing method espacially eloborates the concept of custom printed hard hats which closly related to our topic of custom printing.

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Custom Printing

6 Jul

Printer’s ink is quite different from writing or Indian ink. Te latter is liquid and flows; printing ink is stiff and glutinous. It can be bought in tubes or in half and one pound tins and does not, as a rule, require thinning out. Ink is taken out from the tin, a little at a time, with a palette knife. It is then spread on a hard, smooth surface measuring about 15 in. X 10 in. If a suitable iron plate cannot be found, an enamelled oven plate, a piece pf plate glass or some Formica will do just as well. Start by putting on the surface a good deal less ink than you would consider necessary. It is far better to ink type sparely: applying too much ink is a mistake made by most beginners and results in a messy, smudgy proof. Having transferred a small amount of ink from the tin on to the convenient surface, it should be rolled out smoothly and evenly with a hand roller or brayer. Allow
the roller to go backwards and forwards over the surface until the covering of ink appears even: then, using the brayer, transfer ink to the surface of the type keeping the direction of the roller running from top to bottom. Do this three or four times to ensure an even spread: the actual film of ink transferred from the roller will be quite thin if care has been taken to see that the ink is evently distributed at the point pf pick up – that is from the metal plate. Avoid rolling from side to side in the direction of the type ‘measure’ as this may cause individual letters at the begining or end of the lines to be knocked off their feet. Remember, when the type matter was tied up, a 3-point lead or reglet was put in against the first and last line: this protects the type from being displaced by the inking roller as it travels from the top to bottom. After a proof has been pulled and corrections where needed have been made, the surface of the type should be cleaned with a soft brush impregnated with rubber
solvent. A small brush such as is commonly used for putting on boot polish will do admirably.

Custom printing is an art

Composing Printing and Inking

6 Jul

Type bound with cord is protected against individual letters falling over or dropping away from the beginning or end of lines. Type when tied up is considered to be sufficiently secure for all handling and proofing purposes until it is ready for imposition.
At this stage a proof should be pulled and read with great care to see what no word is mis-splet, no letters turned upside down, no lines missed out and no mistake made in positioning or spacing out.

In a fully equipped composing room a special press is provided for pulling proofs but if a proofing press is not available a sufficiently clear proof can be made by using a proofing pad. This is a rectangular block of wood with the undesired lined with a thick piece of felt.
The lines of type are inked, then a piece of paper which has been moistened on both sides with damp rag is gently laid over the type and on the top a layer or two of blotting paper. The proofing pad is placed over the type and lightly tapped, not struck, with a wooden mallet: the minimum of force should be used as there is always the risk of battering the face of the type. When all the area of the type has been covered by the proofing pad the paper is carefully peeled off: a satisfactory proof should result.
It need not be a perfect proof: its object is to test accuracy and give the ‘reader’ his detail for examination. The quality of a proof is largely determined by inking. This needs some consideration for without some proved method being followed, the consequences can be sadly unsatisfactory.

Custom Printed Boxes

1 Jul

Custom printed boxes come in many different designs and styles. The purpose of custom printed boxes to enhance the presentation of the product and
marketing the brand and company in most appropriate way. Custom printed boxes sure increase the profits by enhancing the demand of product in market. Custom printed boxes are nest known way of offline advertisement and offline marketing.

You can use any style or design that best match your product and business. Custom made design lets you add the logo of your business with a short message that elaborate services provided by your company and company inmformation like contact addresses and telephone number. In this way you not only increasing the chances of customers to return back but also provide him facility to introduce your business to his/her friends and relatives.

There are lots of other benifits of custom printed boxes but all of these benifits are conditional with the printing company you choose. A best printing company only can provide you the best solutions.

Printing >> Make-up

1 Jul

Make-up is clearly governed by the design or layout. It must be done correctly and it is advisable to prepare a layout before starting. A layout serves as a template or blueprint: it need not be elegant but it should be accurate and drawn out to ’em’ measurements. With the aid of type guage the exact amount of spacing can be measured off quickly. Most helpful is a layout pad similar to graph paper but with inch squares divided by 1/6 inch lines, equavalentl to em measurements.

When the make-up has been completed the type must be made secure by binding all four sides with printer’s page cord as complained in the previous articles. On the outside of the first line and the outside of the last line there should be placed a 3-point lead or a reglet of same measure as the type. The cord is then lapped round about three or four times and the end pushed through to keep the binding tight. The bodkin or the end of the brass setting rule will be useful in pushing the loose end through.